Dual polarized slot coupled planar antenna with wide bandwidth

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The design of a wideband dual‐polarized slot‐coupled stacked microstrip antenna with high isolation is introduced. The proposed stacked‐patch antenna is excited by both open‐ended and T‐shaped microstrip lines via two H‐shaped slots placed orthogonally so as to improve the isolation between the two polarization ports.

A 35GHz stacked patch antenna with dual-polarized Oct 25, 2013 · Abstract: A slot-coupled stacked patch antenna operating at 35GHz with dual-polarized operations is presented in this paper. To achieve wide bandwidth and high gain at 35GHz, four parasitic patches are located above the active element. The measured results show that the frequency bandwidth of S 11 less than -10dB covers 30-40GHz and the isolation between two polarization ports is higher … A broadband proximity-coupled dual-polarized microstrip A broadband proximity-coupled dual-polarized microstrip antenna with a L-shape backed cavity is presented. The L-shape cavity backed ground plane is used to enhance the feeding coupling and thus to broaden the bandwidth of this antenna. The parameter study is done in detail to show the guideline of designing this antenna.

A Wide Bandwidth Microstrip Array Antenna with Inverted L ...

ABSTRACTIn this paper, a compact broadband dual-polarized stacked patch antenna with the aperture coupled microstrip feed is proposed. By adding a parasitic disc patch, the bandwidth is effectively broadened. Meanwhile, to improve the isolation at the low frequency band, a rectangular slot is etched along the diagonal line of the ground plane. A Wide Bandwidth Microstrip Array Antenna with Inverted L ... A wide bandwidth microstrip array antenna is proposed numerically and experimentally. ... Leong, M., Yeo, T.: Dual-polarized slot-coupled planar antenna with wide bandwidth. IEEE Transactions Antennas Propagat. 51 ... Klefenz, F., Dreher, A.: Dual polarized wide-band stacked microstrip antenna with aperture coupling for SAR applications. In ... Broadband Dual-Polarized Stacked Patch Antenna with High ...

: Eight-Element Dual-Polarized MIMO Slot Antenna System for 5G Smartphone Applications cannot cover both sides of the mobile-phone PCB, since they are patch antennas. Another design of dual-polarized MIMO antenna with narrow bandwidth and non-planar structure is

A planar ultrawideband modular antenna for connection to a feed network. The antenna has a ground plane, and an array of antenna elements spaced from the ground plane, each antenna element comprising a pair of arms. Dual-Band Antennas Research Papers - Academia.edu View Dual-Band Antennas Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. Antenna Research Papers - Academia.edu View Antenna Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. Radiation Patterns Research Papers - Academia.edu

US6624787B2 - Slot coupled, polarized, egg-crate radiator

A dual-polarization radiating element wherein the phase centers of its constituent radiating elements substantially coincide to provide advantageous operation when the inventive dual-polarization radiating elements are utilized to form … US5661494A - High performance circularly polarized microstrip

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